Brave New World: Redux

2 thoughts on “Brave New World: Redux

  1. Gia An Ernst

    Commenting on the topic of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley now ‘again’ I have to tell that rereading about the cloning and developing human beings in test tubes gives me some kind of sublime feelings. I think the novel about utopia and dystopia evolving sublimity towards the audience is exactly what Huxley’s aim was. Human beings are cloned and produced in laboratories by biological and chemical means to make five classes of people according to the functions the system’s needs. The social scaling is noticeable on the way they are dressed and their height. The purpose of that is to create stability, which means that everyone has their place in the system and the society is not to be changed due to the point that the majority has been conditioned and deprived of intelligence. The people’s identity is formed by society, so that there is no individualism and people are pressed into a behaviour pattern e.g. as a child hypnopaedia is applied.
    As the topics of family and feelings do not really play an important role or also should not play a role in this specific society, he is creating, this can be somehow related to the fact that the world is constantly changing and developing and that technical features gain more and more meaning throughout time. Maybe he therefore wants to draw attention on the huge and rapid development of the world, also by talking about the mass production, which image is taken from the military and people lose their identity and become a ‘machine’, and that human beings hence share their importance with the technology and maybe lose humanity through technology – which implies that humans will not show their emotions and feelings anymore, as Huxley in his novel kind of describes as a law.

  2. Stefan Becker

    Brave New World is an interesting Dystopian novel which failed to be a utopian world. Everything seems to be perfect and all Problems are solved or even dissolved like cancer and other diseases but also Problems with other People because of the fact that everybody belongs to everyone. There are no relationships and People should not spent more than 2-3 months with the same Partner. The new Generation is even made up by the Alphas in this novel, more or less like the upper-class People in that Society/world. A very interesting chapter is the 17th in which The Controller and The Savage have a longer discussion About old values and the “natural” life. On the one Hand, there is the savage who knows About the past and old values like Religion, relationships based on real love and also About diseases or other Problems in General. He argues that it should be like that and that he want to have ups and downs in his life. He dislikes the Concept of a perfect world where everything is set by some superior People who Control that world. I would agree with the opinion by the savage because if I knew the old values in such a “Brave New World” with its new values, I would also like to go back to the world where everything is more natural and not set by some Alphas. Moreover, I would also agree that you should not hide Religion from other People because it is a nice Thing to have faith and something to believe in. Therefore, you could really say that Brave New World is a failed utopian world which really is dystopian.


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